Fashion needs glamor, provocation and the taboo....Tom Ford
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Sexy Shirts for Women

Sexuality is omnipresent in fashion!

 Ann Wintour says ... you need an unmistakable feeling for the provocation, the sex that is shaped by the contemporary fashion!


Sexy Shirts for Men

  Tom Ford once said ....

Fashion needs glamor, provocation and taboo!

How true. Why not combine a noble suit with a provocative T-shirt? This alone is already a provocation. If you design the T-shirt with a statement, a statement, you set creative, innovative standards.


A shirt is not just an item of clothing. A shirt is an attitude, a life setting and also a form of art!


True trendsetters want cool shirts with the certain something, which are not at every corner to have. We offer exciting and unique. t-shirts.


Our shirts are processed by direct printing and screen printing. We use the currently most modern technology on the market - digital direct printing.


The casual shirts count as versatile basics for every outfit and convince with perfect wear comfort. Popular fabrics include cotton, jersey, light viscose or stretch fabric.


La Provocation - sexy Shirts für Frauen und Männer
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